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​Behavior Services

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Utilizing Applied Behaivor Analysis, we combine research-based teaching and coaching techniques to help you to design a family culture, cultivate communication, and maximize learning opportunities for your children. 
We currently have one co-working location in Sacramento, California with on-site childcare.  Locals can take advantage of free parent trainings, preschool services, and monthly drop-off date nights.
We work with you and your team to examine your values, facilitate dialogue, and establish long-term behavior change to help you to get unstuck.  Check out our partner site, Lead With Intention for more info.

we ​S T R I V E

  1. Research Based
    We believe in keeping up with the current research on psychological, educational, and behavioral teaching techniques to continually improve ourselves and our services.
  2. Individualized
    We believe that each person is an individual with different values, strengths, and deficits that must be taken into account when creating learning opportunities.
  3. Values Driven
    A person's decisions and actions are based on the values that construct their perception of the world around them. We believe in teaching concepts through the values that each person holds dear.
  4. Strengths Approach
    While we all have faults and weaknesses, it is important to recognize our strengths and interests when addressing them. When teaching a person to write, it makes far more sense to start with their dominant hand.
  5. Teaching Opportunity
    It is the habit of many to punish a behavior without ever asking, "What is the teaching opportunity?" Every time somebody stumbles, there is an opportunity to pick them up and reorient them on the right trajectory.
  6. Emotional Support
    There is a delicate balance between comforting a child and reinforcing an emotional outburst. It is important to stand firm as a parent while still providing a safe, comfortable environment.
Autism & Entropy
​A Tale of Misunderstanding
Entropy is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a system may be arranged.  It comes from two greek words meaning “in transformation”, but unfortunately, it is commonly misunderstood as a measure of disorder or chaos. 
Autism also comes from two greek words: Autos and ism (Self-existence) Essentially, one who responds more to himself than others. Like entropy, this disorder is often characterized by chaos and unpredictability, but self-ism should not be equivocated to self-ish. And in order to understand a person with Autism, you must first understand that there is a difference between a skill deficit and willful disobedience.
Imagine if every time you wanted to communicate with another person, you had to first shoot a free throw, and do it again for each word that you wanted to speak. How much would you be able to communicate before you got frustrated?
Most of us don’t think of communication as being so difficult: it just came to us naturally, but like any skill, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
The internet is full of questions and answers about what causes Autism, but as of right now, its origins appear to be as chaotic as its symptons. Is it biological, is it environmental, from the womb, or vaccinations? Unfortunately, the answer appears to be yes and/or no to each and every one of these questions because as a spectrum disorder, it includes a wide variety of symptoms and affects each person differently. But luckily, no matter the cause, there are research-based methods that can treat it, and that’s what we do.